Vibe Streamer moves to Google Groups (2012-11-20)

We've just created a Google Group dedicated to Vibe Streamer. The previous Vibe Streamer forum has been archived, meaning any discussions regarding Vibe Streamer are most welcome here in the Vibe Streamer Google Group

Vibe Streamer goes open source (2012-06-13)

Today we're glad to announce that Vibe Streamer has been released to the open source community. Vibe Streamer is developed by Erik Nilsson, and is open sourced under the GPLv3 license and hosted on GitHub:

Beta download for version 3.1.0 now available (2010-01-14)

A beta version for the upcoming version 3.1.0 is now available for download at the forum. Check it out at:

Vibe Streamer 3.1.0 now in test phase (2010-01-13)

Vibe Streamer 3.1.0, which finally adds utf-8 support to the web server and the share index is now currently being tested. There have been a lot of improvements and rewrites in the code base. A public beta will first be available soon for download at the forum before the official release.

Version 3.0.2 released (2009-11-26)

The new version includes many features and fixes, such as the much wanted support for fetching cover art from the ID3 metadata. Check out the release thread for info and important notices:

Version 3.0.1 released (2009-11-11)

Vibe Streamer 3.0.1 is now released. The new version contains a variety of bug fixes and refactoring of the web client. One new feature is the new "Settings" dialog in the web client, only available to users or groups with administrator rights.

Vibe Streamer 3.0.1 preview (2009-10-22)

The first update of Vibe Streamer 3 is soon here. Version 3.0.1 is primary focused on minor bug fixes as well as preparations for theming and plugin development. Read more about it on the forum:

Vibe Streamer 3 released (2009-09-18)

Today, Vibe Streamer 3 was finally officially released. The new version includes an improved streaming server with new possibilities. A new web client is also introduced which gives a better user experience and higher performance, especially supporting larger music collections. Enjoy!

Hotfix release (Beta 8) (2009-09-03)

Due to a minor bug caused by one of the upgraded libraries in Beta 7, adding a single track to the track list could sometimes not work as well it should. It is recommended that you install the newly released Beta 8 in order to fix this.

Beta 7 now available (2009-09-02)

After a month of summer vacation the development on Vibe Streamer 3 continues. The seventh beta is now available for download. This beta includes some minor bug fixes and adjustments, and if no problems appears, it will be the last one before the public release.

Beta 6 out now (2009-07-17)

The sixth beta is now out and available for download. This release includes a few important bugfixes and improvements. Get it now from the download page:

Beta 5 released (2009-07-10)

The fifth beta of Vibe Streamer is now available for download at the web site. Download the beta from and check out the Vibe Streamer forum for discussions, suggestions and bug reports.

Beta 4 released (2009-06-30)

The fourth beta of Vibe Streamer 3 is now available for download at the forum. With this release, all features for the stable version has now been implemented and the focus is now testing and minor adjustments before the final offical release.

Try out the beta by downloading it from the official forum thread:

Vibe Streamer 3 goes beta (2009-05-04)

After a many long nights of tweaking and fixing, the beta version of Vibe Streamer 3 is finally available for your to try out. More info and the download link can be found at the forum thread:

Vibe Streamer 3 confirmed to run on Ubuntu (2008-06-19)

A notice regarding version 3.0 of Vibe Streamer is that it now runs fine on Ubuntu through the Wine emulator. Try it out for yourself:

Try out Vibe Streamer 3 Alpha Version now (2008-06-02)

The alpha version of Vibe Streamer 3 is now available for those that are interested in seeing and testing what the next version will have to offer. You can download and discuss it here at the forum:

Vibe Streamer 3 - Alpha release preparations (2008-05-15)

In preparation for an official alpha release of Vibe Streamer 3, available for those on the forum, I've written some information regarding what's to expect. Read it here:

Updates regarding Vibe Streamer 3.0 (2007-12-05)

Check out the forum for the latest information regarding the development of the upcoming version of Vibe Streamer:

Check out the latest release from Version Studio (2007-12-01)

Version Studio records proudly presents 'Come Sleep' with the latest release 'The Burden of Ballast'. For fans of Isis, Cult of Luna and Mastodon. Check it out at

Vibe Streamer runs on Linux/Ubuntu using Wine (2007-01-02)

Even though Vibe Streamer isn't yet ported to Linux it's still possible to run it using Wine. Check out the quick guide at the Vibe Streamer forum for details:

Music from Version Studio (2006-11-22)

Version Studio isn't only about software, but also about music/media production. Today a promotional preview was published of the first release as an independent record label. Listen to an excerpt from the upcoming release by 'A Swarm of the Sun' on

Vibe Streamer version 2.06 is released (2006-07-06)

New in this version among other things are two important bug fixes that could cause random timeouts in some cases. Check out history.txt for details, especially those of you that shared files from a non-NTFS drive and had problems with the alphabetic sorting.

Vibe Streamer forum is now online (2006-07-05)

From now on this is where support, bug reports, feature requests and other Vibe Streamer related discussions takes place. You can find the new forum by clicking the 'Support' menu on the website.

Vibe Streamer forum in development (2006-07-02)

Due to a lot of interest in Vibe Streamer the past weeks I'm getting to many e-mails than I have time to reply to. So for a few days the contact page will be temporary down and a Vibe Streamer forum will hopefully be up very soon. Check out the contact page for details.

Vibe Streamer version 2.05 is released (2006-05-02)

Meanwhile major changes are currently worked on for a future release of Vibe Streamer we thought that it was time to release a version that fixed most of the small (but annoying) bugs in the ealier versions. Check out history.txt for more details on what has been fixed.

Want to support Vibe Streamer? (2006-03-11)

Recently there have been many emails asking if they could support Vibe Streamer in any way. Thanks everyone! It's really fun to hear that the hard work is appreciated. Therefore I decided to add a new page with a few ways that people could help out. Check out the bottom-right corner of the website and click the link to find out more.

Vibe Streamer version 2.04 is released (2006-02-13)

This version finally implements ID3V2 support into Vibe Streamer thanks to ID3Lib along with a few bug fixes. Check out the download page for more details and version history.

Vibe Streamer version 2.03 is released (2006-02-06)

After a lot of changes and additions to the code behind, Vibe Streamer 2.03 is finally out. Since so much code has been updated in the standard skin and the server I'd recommend you to clear your browsers cache before connecting to your server if you've used a previous version.

Next version sneak preview (2006-01-18)

After a lot of time spent on rewriting the Vibe Script Engine into a more capable script language there are now lots of more possibilities when it comes to developing new functionality. The next version is almost complete, I'm just waiting for the design before it's ready to go beta. One of the features that I know many will like is the possibility for a user to save and load playlists.

Over 1000 persons have downloaded Vibe Streamer! (2006-01-09)

Again, a big thanks to everyone showing their interest and sending suggestions and comments. Keep a look out on the website for a sneak preview on the upcoming version. Some neat and much wanted features are a promise.

Vibe Streamer version 2.02 is released (2005-12-09)

Shuffle functionality, improved indexing window, new version checker are just a few of the latests additions to Vibe Streamer in this new version. Check out the download page more for more details.

Vibe Streamer version 2.01 is released (2005-11-14)

Amongst the new features in this version are new user settings, more detailed user statistics and a few more logging options. Read the version history on the download page for more details on all the additions and changes.

Vibe Streamer version 2.00 is released (2005-11-02)

The very first version of Vibe Streamer is now officially released. Feedback and comments are most welcome. I've already received a lot of nice ideas that will be added in the next version.

Welcome to the website for Vibe Streamer (2005-10-13)

We are now currently working on the documentation and the Vibe Script reference together with some of the last-minute features in the standard skin. If all goes well the first official version will go live in about a week or two.


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Version: 3.0.2 (Nov 26 2009)
File Size: 2.9mb

Supported systems
Windows 2000 or later
Linux supported through Wine


  • Free music streaming server
  • Open source (GPLv3)
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Monitor your streaming activities
  • No Adware or Spyware

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